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Worried about mold and air quality? Suffering from allergies? Find out how Precision Mold Testing's expertise and testing services are helping people.

Precision Mold Testing takes the health and safety of its customers and employees seriously, and is following the guidelines on preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) and U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Our Inspectors are required to wash their hands, and clean and disinfect their equipment

Are you breathing mold spores and VOCs with every breath?

At Precision Mold Testing, we test your property for mold and air quality. After testing, we provide you with our recommended course of action to improve your indoor air.


We serve a variety of different clients - both residential and commercial. Our team consists of certified professionals with years of experience and an owner who has been serving the public in the fields of environment and health safety for OVER 30 YEARS. He oversees every job and is available for consultations and industry advice.

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Signs of water intrusion?  

Visible microbial growth?

High humidity?

Completed remediation?

We can test what you cannot see and give you a peace of mind.  

Fungal spores are invisible in the air.

Want to ensure a healthy environment for your employees?

We can test your business' air quality.

Happy family

Homeowners, Tenants and Property Managers

Signs of water intrusion? Visible microbial growth? High humidity? Completed remediation? Fungal spores are invisible in the air. We can test for what you cannot see and give you complete peace of mind.

Office team

Business Owners

Want to ensure a healthy environment for your employees? We can test the air quality at your business.

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People with Health Issues

Allergies? Mold sensitivity? Autoimmune problems? Other unexplained symptoms? We can detect what VOCs, molds and allergens are in your home. We offer a variety of options: from ERMI testing to full home inspections with recommendations for remediation and preventative measures.

real estate transaction

Real Estate Transactions

Has a home inspection detected elevated moisture levels? Other "red flags" for potential mold growth? Do disclosures show previously completed repairs due to moisture damage? Do you have Clearance Test results? Show your client how much you care about their investment and health! Know what you are buying or selling.

Remediation project

Remediation Companies

New remediation project? We are here to provide you with a detailed scope of work and testing. Water damage repaired? All visible microbial growth removed? Give your client a peace of mind with an impartial CLEARANCE TEST.

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Asbestos and Lead Testing

Asbestos and Lead testing our needed to determine if Asbestos or lead is presence in construction and building materials. Our inspectors are licensed by DOSH (California Department of Occupational Safety and Health. We offer asbestos and testing services in San Diego, Riverside and Orange County. The price for the standard asbestos testing of three samples which include an asbestos report and the lab results is $475.00. Additional samples cost $50.00. To schedule, please call us today or click here to learn more about our Asbestos testing services.

mold testing for homeowners
Homeowners, Tenants, and Property Managers
Signs of water intrusion? Visible microbial growth? High humidity? Completed remediation? We can test what you cannot see and give you a peace of mind. Fungal spores are invisible in the air.
mold testing for business owners
Business Owners
Want to ensure a healthy environment for your employees? We can test your business' air quality.
mold & allergy inspections for allergy suffers
People with Health Issues
Allergies? Mold sensitivity? Autoimmune problems? Other unexplained symptoms? We can detect what VOCs, Molds and Allergens are in your home."
mold inspections for real estate
Real Estate Transactions
Home inspection detected: elevated moisture levels? Other "Red Flags" for potential mold growth? Disclosures show previously completed repairs due to moisture damage: do you have Clearance Test results? Show your client how much you care about their investment and health! Know what you are buying or selling.

My experience with Precision Mold Testing was SUPERB! I found them to be very professional. They communicated well and were easy to reach when I had questions. They made my situation I was dealing with less stressful.

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mold testing & allergen inspection by precision mold testing


Mold is a fungus that can be found everywhere, but it will grow more aggressively in moist areas without proper ventilation, or on surfaces that do not dry easily. Modern building materials and methods, such as well insulated homes where outside air does not easily come into the house, allow for mold growth.

While some types of fungi may be useful (to make antibiotics, cheeses and beer), others are toxic and potentially harmful. Increased awareness of sicknesses associated with mold and the concern of insurance companies to insure property that is mold infested has made testing for mold almost a necessity when buying or selling a home.

Mold may or may not be visible. When it is, it appears as a surface stain or discoloration, or as a dark growth. At times, a musty smell is present. Mold poses a health hazard when present in large quantities, called colonies.

With our mold testing services we conduct an initial non-intrusive visual inspection focused on the discovery of mold growth and moisture intrusion - the leading causes of fungal contamination and mold growth.


Use of a moisture meter and thermo-imaging (as needed) to help locate areas of actively wet building materials.


Use of a temperature and humidity meter to determine the relative humidity in the areas inspected.


Outdoor cursory check, if the living areas inspected have outside walls.

Sampling and laboratory analysis is recommended based on our visual inspection and the history of the property, and can be performed by us (with customer approval). The analysis consists of fungal air samples (spore traps) and surface samples (swabs, tape and bulk).

With an air sample, an outside sample is always collected and used as a baseline.

Within 1- 2 business days of completion of the inspection, you will receive via e-mail a documented photo report which highlights issues, interprets laboratory results and provides recommendations. Official laboratory results are also included.

SAME DAY (RUSH) - laboratory results are available for an extra fee.

We are here for you to answer any questions you may have after reviewing you reports.  

Allergen and Particulates: Allergen and particulate testing are available as supplements to the mold inspection and air testing. Please let us know at the beginning of the inspection if you require this form of testing and which analysis you need - allergen or particle.  

Our inspector will perform a visual assessment for allergen problems in the interior of your home and collect laboratory samples.  Within 1- 2 business days of completion, you will receive via e-mail laboratory results and any recommendations.  

Allergen and Particle Analysis includes:

Analysis consists of identification of other particulates including quantification to particles/m3 and a general assessment of background debris.  

Particulates identified in both of the analysis are Animal; Bird; Cellulose, Glass and Synthetic fibers.

Allergen Analysis breaks down Pollen into trees, grasses and etc. types. Particle Analysis only provides total count.

Allergen Analysis includes Hyphal Fragments (Fungi) - underlying structures that produce mold spores.  They are an indication of active mold growth.

Particle Analysis includes Gypsum, Silicates, Soot and Talc.

Mold Testing Services We Offer

1. Fungal Spores - Air - NON-VIABLE METHODOLOGY. Analysis includes identification to genus or group of all fungi present, quantification to spores/m3, a general assessment of background debris, plus total dander, fiber and pollen count.

2. Fungal Spores - Direct - NON-VIABLE METHODOLOGY. Identification and semi-quantitative enumeration of fungal spores and mycelium plus spore count.

3. Fungal Spores - VIABLE METHOLOGY. Mold-specific quantitative polymerase chain reaction (MSQPCR) to quantify 36 molds and calculate an index number for comparison with a database of reference homes.

4. Emma Testing - The EMMA test uses sensitive molecular detection technology to look for the presence of 10 of the most toxigenic molds. It determines their presence and determines their relative abundance.

4. Air Quality Inspection - This service includes an air quality inspection of your home or business with a documented photo report. Includes one particle analysis, one dust sample, and one outdoor sample. Recommendations provided to improve air quality

5. Onsite Consultation - This service includes a detailed mold and moisture inspection of the interior and exterior of your entire home to determine if there are any moisture or mold issues. Additionally, recommendations are given to prevent moisture issues in your home. The service does not include any lab samples. Additional samples cost $85.00 per sample.

Additional Testing Services We Offer

Residential Formaldehyde Analysis - includes level comparison and possible source.

Tobacco Smoke Check - Test for chemical markers indicating the presence of secondhand and thirdhand tobacco smoke. (2,5-Dimethylfuran, 3-Ethenylpyridine, and Nicotine.)

Wall Cavity Sampling - If no other services are selected, a minimum trip fee of $150 will be added. One sample is taken inside the wall cavity.

Ecoli Testing - If no other services are selected, a minimum trip fee of $150 will be added. Includes Total Coliform and E Coli. quantified.

Lead Testing Limited - Sampling Includes all lead sampling and reports. Covers a limited area in the home. Cost $495.00

Lead Testing Full - Includes all lead testing and inspection of the entire home. Cost $850.00


Very professional, knowledgeable. Evan arrived on time and explained the process and reporting expectations. His report was thorough. The whole team at Precision made the experience of mold testing bearable. Glad to be on the other side of it.

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indoor air quality testing by precision mold testing

Indoor Air Quality / VOC and Mold VOC Testing

We provide air testing of organic compounds (those containing carbon) that are readily volatile, or evaporated, at "room" temperature.

VOCs are in everyone's air from the building, activities, and contents. The combination of all VOCs, i.e. total VOC, and the specific composition of the VOCs can affect air quality. Higher levels of VOCs typically lead to a variety of health issues. Certain chemical compounds can cause severe reactions or unpleasant odors, even at low concentrations.

Why Test for VOCs?

1. Elevated VOC levels in the home can cause both short-term and long-term health issues. Products that we use or are surrounded by everyday are the sources of indoor air pollution. Breathing in vapors, or off-gassed chemicals, from these products can cause many health affects such as frequent headaches, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, confusion, coughing, wheezing, and eye, nose and throat irritation. These symptoms can be indicators that the quality of air in the home is poor – especially if they subside once you leave the house. Other, more serious, health problems that can arise with poor indoor air quality are asthma exacerbation, digestive problems, and damage to the liver, kidneys and central nervous system. Some air contaminants are so harmful that they can even cause cancer.

2. The U.S. Green Building Council's recommends the healthy building level of VOCs at 500 ng/L. However, data from hundreds of homes tested show most homes have VOCs at more than twice this recommended level.

3. 20+ million U.S. adults have been diagnosed with asthma, and it is also the most prevalent chronic illness among children. High VOC levels can worsen asthma and trigger attacks, so finding high VOC levels and their sources can help ease asthma symptoms and reduce attacks.

4. Asthma prevalence and severity continue to rise and are at all-time high levels. At the same time, outdoor air pollution is declining. On average, most people spend about 90% of their time indoors; therefore, our exposure to indoor air pollutants is significant. Many experts suggest there is a strong association with the increase in asthma illnesses and poor indoor air quality.

5. Babies, young children, pregnant women, older persons and people with respiratory or cardiovascular disease can be more vulnerable to indoor air pollution. If your family is made up of any of these groups of people? If so an air quality assessment would be wise.

6. Many newer, more energy-efficient homes do not "breathe" correctly. A home air check could potentially discover HVAC issues so they can be corrected.

7. Carpeting, vinyl and laminate flooring, cabinets, countertops, and other similar building materials use adhesives that “off-gas” continuously over time, even for years. Many of these materials are manufactured using hazardous chemicals – some that can even cause cancer. Testing for harmful toxins that could be lurking within the house is prudent.

8. Soil gas from environmental contamination can seep into the basement similar to radon. An IAQ Home Survey can measure this contamination.

9. Undetected growing mold can cause both health and structural problems. In addition to the development of health problems from the inhalation of mold, serious structural building damage can occur if mold is present. Leaky pipes, poorly working or dirty air conditioning and heating systems, and ground water penetration in basements and other damp areas are all potential sources of actively growing mold. Often this mold goes undetected because it’s growing behind drywall or underneath flooring.


Alan knows just about everything there is to know about mold and was very honest with me. I was willing to pay more for extra mold testing but he assured me he would check if it was necessary so not to charge me for something that wasn’t needed.

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Searching for clean air solutions for your home?

Precision Mold Testing has been in the air quality business for fifteen years. We work with customers suffering from allergies, respiratory and health issues. We decided we wanted to help improve our customers health. We researched numerous technologies, completed independent laboratory tests, partnered with our current customers for real in-home tests... and are very proud to endorse and become a factory authorized dealer for the medical grade in-home air cleaning unit: Sanuvox S300.

The Sanuvox Air Purification System uses patented UV technology and HEPA filters to capture and eliminate small air pollutants such as viruses, pet dander, mold spores and bacteria.

At Precision Mold Testing, we did a lot of research to see which air purification system would be the best for you, that is why we chose Sanuvox. We are now a factory authorized dealer of their Air Purification System right here in California. You can click below to read more about Sanuvox and its uses:

Download Summary

If you would like to book an appointment with us to have the Sanuvox S300 Air Purification System installed in your home, book online with us below, or to learn more about air purification systems, please scroll down for more information!

Why have a SANUVOX Air purification system?

They filter out allergens, dust, VOC and particles — all of which can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. This makes HEPA filters a great investment for allergy sufferers. Some of these irritants are microscopic and the HEPA filters in the air purification system clean out 99% that are found in the air.

The patented UV light technology kills all particles smaller than 0.3 microns that the HEPA cannot filter, which includes bacteria and viruses. The UV light's C band kills all of these. The use of the air purifier can prevent childhood asthma, respiratory illnesses and helps people who already suffer from chronic respiratory problems and other health issues.

Why SANUVOX technologies is the number one selling air treatment system in the world
  1. Sanuvox Air Treatment System has exclusive rights to its patented ultra violet light air treatment incorporating three layers of HEPA filtration.
  2. Sanuvox Air Treatment dramatically improves air quality by sterilizing and destroying up to 99.999 % of air bio-contaminant in a single pass through, covering up to 3500 square feet of your home.
  3. Sanuvox Air 5300 is used in hospitals, military installations, schools, government building and institutions around the world. See the list of customers here.
  4. Precision Mold Testing is a factory authorized dealer for Sanuvox in the USA offering full service and maintenance programmes for all its customers.
  5. Best commercial and residential warranty for an air purification system. With 5 years warranty on motor, 3 years warranty on ultra violet light, and a 1 year warranty on HEPA filter.
  6. Tested, published results of Sanuvox UV System by government agencies, laboratories and universities. These include RTI, US EPA and National Homeland Security. Penn State University and McGill University. A 2 year Sanuvox Double blind study has been published in the peer reviewed by Lancet Medical Journal.

Great Service. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Very prompt service and detailed reports. Thank you!

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Why Clients Trust Precision Mold Testing

Precision Mold Testing offers prompt, professional mold testing and air quality inspection services with years of practical experience in the environmental field.

Our team consists of certified professionals with years of experience, and an owner who has background in biology, environment and health safety. He oversees every job and is available for consultations and industry advice.

Ken Okin, owner of Precision Mold Testing, has been serving the public as an Environmental and Health Safety Investigator and Consultant for the State of California since 1985. He has worked for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Business Enterprise Program. Our inspectors are Certified Mold Inspectors accredited by MICRO and have years of experience in the construction industry.

Precision Mold Testing is an independent, locally-owned and operated company.

Our ACAC Certification
Our ACAC Certification.
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Rated A+ on Better Business Bureau

Precision Mold Testing is proud to have a perfect rating on the Better Business Bureau. We have the expertise and experience to serve you best.

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Frequently Asked Mold Testing Questions

Curious about whether or not you need a mold inspection for your home or business? Read some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to mold and indoor air quality testing.

Why should I have a mold inspection?

To feel secure that your home is safe and providing you and your family with a healthy environment. Mold is not visible all the time, even though the conditions for mold growth are present, such as moisture, high temperatures, high humidity and a substrate to grow on. Discoloration may sometimes appear when mold multiplies. Our certified and professionally trained inspectors can determine whether the right conditions for mold growth are present, and with further testing, whether or not toxic mold is present in the home. We then advise you on ways to eliminate the mold problem.

What is an allergen?

Allergy producing substances are called allergens. They include mold, dust, mites, pollen, dander and foods. When these allergens come in contact with the body they cause an allergic reaction in certain people – an allergy. Over 50 million Americans suffer from upper respiratory tract symptoms that are allergic reactions to airborne allergens. There are two types of allergies: seasonal, which are caused by blooming and growing trees in the spring, grass in the summer or weeds in the fall; and perennial, which occur year round and are triggered by dust, mold, animal dander and mites. We identify the type of allergen in the home so that an individuals’ allergic reactions can be eliminated or lessened.

Why choose PMT?

Our owner Ken Okin is experienced and knowledgeable in dealing with public health matters and has the training and understanding to guide clients through a mold crisis situation. Ken gets involved first-hand with all his clients to ensure the best possible solutions to the mold issue. PMT staff is certified and trained in mold inspection and must comply with Ken's stringent guidelines.

Should clients be present during the inspection?

We encourages clients to be present at the time of the inspection so the inspector can explain and educate individuals about the inspection procedure and results. We work diligently with you to arrange a time which best fits your schedule.

How long does a mold inspection take?

Inspection time varies depending on the size of the property or the number of areas we are checking and also the number of samples taken. Inspection of 1 - 2 areas of concern takes approximately 1 hour. An inspection of a 2,000 sq ft living area may take longer than 2 hours.

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